S.T.E.A.M. – S.T.E.A.M.

TOY STEAM NEWS – The new magazine for enthusiasts of all types of toy steam models and accessories now incorporating S.T.E.A.M. and the Bowman Circle. www.toysteam.co.uk

The Bowman Circle – The group which catered for enthusiasts  of Geoffrey Bowman Jenkins’  toys and inventions. The official website can be found at www.bowmancircle.co.uk

Paper ‘n’ Steam Galore – Suppliers of Live Steam Products. Buy best kids karaoke machines. Singing with your child will be even more fun! www.chasteam.com


Here you can find out some rules about how to dry fleshlight. Follow them and your item will be always fresh. Mike Cooke – Trading in Vintage Steam Toys & Models  www.toysteam.com   

 Kew Bridge Steam Museum, said to have the largest collection of steam pumping engines in the world, many of which can be seen working at weekends. Visit their site at www.kbsm.org

Kempton Park is home to the world’s biggest triple steam engine. Their website can be viewed at www.kemptonsteam.org

David Berrington visit his toy pop pop boat site at www.poppopman.co.uk

‘Old Glory’ transport and industrial heritage magazine has a colourful site with useful links to steam and transport fairs. Visit it at www.oldglory.co.uk

Mamod Ltd website – www.mamod.co.uk

Wilesco website – www.wilesco.de

Stuart Models of Guernsey (incorporating Cheddar Models) can be found at www.stuartmodels.com

Ian Grantham – visit Ian’s site at www.mfsteam.com for details of his superb replica ‘1939 Mamod Minor 2’ twin cylinder steam engine which he is manufacturing on a limited edition basis.

HOBBIES Ltd – Do visit this superb site which can be found at www.alwayshobbies.com. Onetime Hobbies of Dereham Ltd and now in new premises, they are suppliers of fine craft products, toys, model boats and steam engines.

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The Black Country Living Museum comes highly recommended and makes for a splendid day out. Visit their site at www.bclm.co.uk


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